I am new to the Impact Box team having started at the beginning of November, but I’m happy to say that I already feel part of the family. Most recently I was working for a national social integration charity called The Challenge and I knew that leaving somewhere with such an incredible work culture would be difficult.

Starting any new job is an exciting time, but it can also be quite stressful too. No matter how much you prepare, you will be leaving an environment that you know for one that you don’t and when you are very happy to begin with, it’s easy to worry about what you may have lost. By the end of my first day at Impact Box however, my worries had all but disappeared. I had learnt a great deal and there was of course huge amounts still to learn (as indeed there still is), but it was obvious that I had found the right role at the right organisation. I was excited for the next day, and that motivation is essential.

Motivation is something I think about all the time because I believe it to be hugely important on a personal and on a societal level. I think about motivation in terms of three aspects:

  • Being motivated in life is of huge benefit to personal well-being therefore understanding your own personal motivation is crucial for general happiness.
  • Recognising the motivations of the people around you is vital in building strong relationships, whether they be personal or professional.
  • Seemingly minor changes to reward structures can have profound macro effects. I think that if we can motivate each other in the right way, this can lead to significant positive change.

I try to use these ideas in my work to promote that positive change that I’d like to see in the world.

It is true that starting any new job will give you a fresh dose of positive motivation (which is great!), but there are a number of things that I’ve noticed at Impact Box that have specifically motivated me.

Being a small organisation, joining the team has added a significant amount capacity to the team here which is really exciting, but it also means that getting up to speed quickly is really important, because I need to pull my own weight. This has meant jumping in at the deep end which is a scary prospect, but has enabled me to both learn and contribute quickly and has shown that I am trusted by my team. This make me feel valuable to and valued by the organisation.

Hitting the ground running is something that has really encouraged me, but it can be daunting if not done in the right way. A good support structure is a fundamental part of an organisation’s culture and a huge aspect of success. If left unsupported, employees can feel isolated, nervous and stressed which are all (amongst other negative consequences) great de-motivators. I’ve found the culture at Impact Box incredibly supportive. Organisations can often throw around words like humility and respect, but in the team here, I can see that those principles are part of the fabric here. None of my colleagues has ever been too busy to field my questions and even the stupid/easy/silly questions have been fielded with incredible courtesy - far more than they probably deserve!

This culture is something that is hard to build and maintain, but getting the right people into the right positions is a huge step in the right direction. When I moved from the profit to the nonprofit sector 5 years ago, I was struck by the difference. It was clear to see the difference in motivation around me. For a start, people were motivated (often not a given in the profit sector), but more than that, they were self-motivated and motivation is contagious. The team here at Impact Box is no different. We are lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients who are making an incredible impact to their communities. Their passion for their missions is always self-evident and that feeds our passion to want to help them. The team a Impact Box is clearly committed to making a positive difference for our clients and society and will work hard to find and implement solutions that can maximise the value of the projects we work on. I am inspired every single day by my clients and my team who are working hard to make the world a better place.