A unique approach

Our understanding of charities guides everything we do.

Insight driven. We believe that data can empower charities to make better decisions. Starting with your mission we work backwards using technology to generate insights at all levels of the organisation.

People-centered. Our solutions prioritise people over technology. User-input and feedback are at the core of our approach, with every development decision taken with the end-user in mind.

Simple, sustainable solutions. For most charities, simple is best. Leveraging existing technology allows more time to be spent on implementation and ensuring that the solution scales seamlessly with the ambitions of the charity.

High praise

What our customers say

"Impact Box has transformed the way that we work at Future Frontiers, allowing us to move confidently into a significant phase of growth and development. Impact Box has allowed us to developed a strong CRM and monitoring tool that allows us to manage key relationships and better understand the factors affecting our overall impact."

Dominic Baker, CEO, Future Frontiers

“Thanks to Impact Box we now have an efficient on-line data system, bespoke to our specific needs, that enables us to instantly track our progress, quality and impact in real-time.”

Celia Suppiah, CEO, Parents 1st

“Impact Box played a critical role in developing our new impact management system. Inputting data now takes staff much less time and thanks to the bespoke dashboards we can easily monitor outcomes at a national, school or even individual level. All of this allows our staff to effectively target intervention where it is most needed.”

Tamara Baleanu, Head of Impact, The Access Project